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frequently asked questions

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

No. Please understand that you are not "per say" paying for graphics, designs, websites, etc. Pricing,  payment, and processing are based on time and materials rendered to develop the project requested. Once you have booked with Nasia, the Creator ALL SALES ARE FINAL

how do i use my premade purchase in canva?

1. Log into Canva

2. Create New Design

3. IMPORT .pdf file from downloaded location

You are able to make edits to text fonts and some colors from your premade purchase. 

can I have a [insert color] background for my logo?

No, all logos will be sent in formats that allow for transparency. This is to assure that all logo files are able to be used in the most efficient manners.

How do I communicate changes with ntc?

ALL communications should be sent via email to ONLY. Communications made after booking via DM, Text, Instant Messaging, or a Friend will not be recognized. 

can I make changes to pre-made purchases?

Be sure to read ALL descriptions thoroughly as any information related to use and limitations of pre-made content can/will differ. 

How long will my project take?

Be sure to read all service details as they will relay the duration of design time based on the project booked. PLEASE NOTE - there are no rush services at this current time, most bookings are started AT LEAST 3 days after booking, PLEASE REFER TO SERVICE DETAILS FOR AN ACCURATE DURATION.

How soon will I get my digital downloads? 

All digital downloads are INSTANT as long as you've completed payment on, if you have chosen manual payment you will need to send your complete payment via Apple Pay or Zelle Payment and files will then be sent.

Group course v. one on one Course?

The Adobe Illustrator Group course is streamlined for AI. essential learning, meaning all of the "need to knows" are covered. The Adobe Illustrator One on One course allows for goal oriented learning based on what you may already know, along with the option of completing the essentials content. 

I use [insert design program] will i benefit from the flyer + content session?

Yes, although we are working in Adobe Illustrator many awesome design techniques are shared in this session as well as knowledge you don't need a program for like how to develop / find ideas for good content.

additional payment methods?

If you'd like to complete your booking with manual payments please send via Apple Pay: (248) 893-5802

The subject line should refer to booking.

Contact directly for cash and other payment formats (CashApp)

If you have any additional questions related to working with

Nasia, the Creator please don't hesitate to reach out via email

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